An appearance from Harlem rapper Cam’ron in a trailer for the upcoming season of “Love & Hip Hop” has led to him clarifying his role on the VH1 reality show.

The Dipsetter set the record straight in a video uploaded to Instagram in the early hours of Tuesday (November 15).

“Good evening, everyone. I am not a cast member on ‘Love & Hip Hop,’” Cam’ron said, . “I did a scene for Juelz [Santana]. Cause he’s on the show. I did a scene for Juju cause she’s on the show.”

Cam also suggested that there could be bigger issues surrounding his appearance in the trailer, given that “the paperwork isn’t done.”

“I should not be in anybody’s commercials,” the rapper said. “Especially when the paperwork isn’t done. Obviously these people haven’t done business with me before, so they don’t know how I get down. But tomorrow we’ll take care of it.”

In the newly released trailer for the seventh season of “Love & Hip Hop,” which premieres on November 21, Cam’ron can be seen in scenes with both Juelz Santana and his own girlfriend, Juju.

In addition to VH1, Cam’ron also called out UFC president Dana White over the use his song “Welcome To New York City” in the promotions for this past weekend’s mega-fight between Conor McGregor and Eddie Alvarez. Cam revealed that no one from UFC had reached out to him for permission to use the song, and added that his lawyer has been contacted about the matter.

“Second order of business is Dana White from the UFC,” Cam said. “You’ve been using my song all week to promote the Conor McGregor fight at Madison Square. My song ‘Welcome To New York City’ featuring Jay Z … Once again nobody reached out to me … We’ll be reaching out tomorrow, me and my lawyer.”